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This paper presents a design approach to an interior permanent magnetic synchronous motor (IPMSM) for the compressor of a hybrid electric vehicle operated in a 42-V battery system. The approach is to estimate the range of inductance and back-EMF to satisfy the required efficiency of IPMSM. Then, the preliminary geometry satisfying the region is decided by(More)
Radial flux permanent magnet generator have higher output voltage and torque capability than axial flux permanent magnet generator. The efficiency is also higher than axial flux permanent magnet due to the lack of rotor windings have high power density and torque per current ratio, but the large cogging torque can be generated. Cogging torque would be the(More)
In this paper, the design for an electromagnetic structure and reduction cogging torque of a dual stator structured radial flux permanent magnet generator, which is a combination of the inner- and outer-rotor types, has been proposed. We call this a dual stator radial flux permanent magnet generator. To reduce the cogging torque, firstly, stator tooth(More)
This paper describes a method for detecting the shorted-turn of the rotor windings based on the discrete wavelet transform in the cylindrical synchronous generator. Multi-resolution analysis based on discrete wavelet transform provides a set of decomposed signals in independent frequency bands, which contain the independent dynamic information due to the(More)
This paper presents the electromagnetic structure design analysis and the cogging torque reduction design of slotted-axial flux permanent magnet generator. The cogging torque would be a source of acoustic noise and vibration, torque ripple. To reduce cogging torque; firstly, the design of the permanent magnet skew to reduce cogging torque is studied.(More)
Recently, many hydraulic automotive parts are being replaced by the electric parts using electric motor drive system because of high performance for the conventional car having engine and the growth of electric vehicles. In the many kinds of electrical motor drive systems, BLDC is generally applied for the power train motor, electric HVAC compressor,(More)
In this paper, the design of the electromagnetic structure of the dual stator type radial flux permanent magnet generator, which has an advantage over the axial flux permanent magnet generator, has been discussed from the perspective of reducing the cogging torque. To reduce the cogging torque, firstly, stator tooth pairing was designed; secondly, permanent(More)
The Radial Field Permanent Magnet(RFPM) generator has numerous advantages such as high output voltage and high output power, high efficiency. In addition, the manufacturing is easier than AFPM generator. However, the slotted RFPM generator produces the cogging torque. It would increase torque ripple and generate vibration and noise. In this paper, the(More)
Recently, the MIC system have been actively studied to reduce switching losses and improve its reliability and efficiency. The Active clamp Flyback converter is based on the Flyback converter topology. But, the Flyback converter generates the voltage spike between Drain and Source of the MOSFET device. This spike causes losses and noises of the converter.(More)
The distributed winding method is generally applied for induction motor to attain the sinusoidal flux distribution. However, in recent years, the concentrated winding method is being investigated as an alternative to lower the material cost of copper coils. To realize, the by-products of the concentrated winding induction motor such as the harmonic flux and(More)