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Based in Shulman's idea of Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) has emerged as a useful frame for describing and understanding the goals for technology use in preservice teacher education. This paper addresses the need for a survey instrument designed to assess TPACK for preservice teachers. The paper describes(More)
Examining preservice teachers' development of technological pedagogical content knowledge in an introductory instructional technology course. How do I use the survey? The questions you want are most likely questions 1-47 starting under the header " TK (Technology Knowledge) ". In the papers cited above, these categories were removed so that participants(More)
A key complication facing teachers who seek to integrate technology in their teaching is the fact that most technologies are not designed for educational purposes. Making a tool an educational technology requires creative input from the teacher to redesign , or maybe even subvert the original intentions of the designer. The learning technology by design(More)
This study examined how graphical feedback on students' performance in the class affected their motivation and academic performance in an online course. The study applied motivation theory to contrast two forms of feedback (self-vs. peer-referenced) and used innovative graphical displays to present this feedback. A cross-over experimental design was used to(More)
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