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Recent medical information systems are striving towards real-time monitoring models to care patients anytime and anywhere through ECG signals. However, there are several limitations such as data distortion and limited bandwidth in wireless communications. In order to overcome such limitations, this research focuses on compression. Few researches have been(More)
The entropy of electromyography (EMG) signals suggests a possible tool for the clinical assessment of low back pain (LBP). However, a general physiological mechanism for entropy and pain and/or dysfunction following exercise intervention is still unknown. This comparative study investigated the differences between entropy levels of the EMG signals and the(More)
BACKGROUND As reported in our previous studies, the complexity of physiologic time series is a sensitive measure of muscle fatigability. This study compared the differences between 2 different analyses following 4 weeks of core stability exercises (CSE) in subjects with and without chronic low back pain (LBP). We examined whether the observed Shannon(More)
The need for clear ECG signals is increasing to reduce the probability of misdiagnosis regarding heart diseases. An algorithm was designed to diagnose patients with heart diseases using ECG signal analysis so that it can help physicians in the decision-making process. Before analyzing the ECG signal, noise of the low and high frequency components was(More)
Background: There is a need for integrating Information technology into the realm of medical care. As noted by Ball [1], " Building a new Health System for the 21 st century … requires that we use Information Technology2. The American Institute of Medicine is quoted as saying [1,2] " that the Internet will be the choice for many, if not most health(More)
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