Tae Oh

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This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract—This paper proposes a Self-Adaptive Interactive Navigation Tool (SAINT), tailored for cloud-based vehicular traffic optimization in road networks. The legacy navigation systems make vehicles(More)
One of today's most important developing wireless technologies is Cognitive Radio (CR). In our current fixed-assignment spectrum management policy, much of the available frequencies go unused. CR aims to make use of this unutilized space to provide wireless broadband services. This paper aims to give a background to CR and describe the key players in(More)
—In order to support efficient data services on vehicular networks, we propose a Data-oriented Cluster-based Media Access Control Protocol (DCMAC). For Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), the demand for data services is increasing. Furthermore, most of vehicles will be equipped with Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) devices in the near(More)
—Inspired by the advancement of vehicular networks and increasing concerns on driving safety, this paper proposes a framework of Context-Awareness Safety Driving (CASD). In vehicular networks, vehicles communicate with each other and share a variety of information. By utilizing those capability, CASD provides vehicles with a class-based safety action plan(More)
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