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Travel patterns from survey data are combined with naturalistic drive cycles. More realistic PHEV energy modeling using these synthesized real-world drive cycles. Methodology is demonstrated for PHEVs in Michigan but applicable for other regions. Energy and emissions findings have major implications for PHEV standards and policy. a b s t r a c t Plug-in(More)
A feature localization method for simple mobile robots like domestic vacuum cleaning robots is proposed. Here, the proposed robot system has two wheels and four ultrasonic transmitter and receiver pairs. The purpose of the sensor system is using as small number of sensors as possible whereas the robot avoids collision and gathers information of the(More)
[Purpose] The present study investigated the effects of squat exercises with and without a variety of tools including a gym ball, wedge, and elastic band on the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis oblique muscles. [Subjects and Methods] A total of twenty healthy subjects with no history of neurological, musculoskeletal injury, or pain in the lower(More)
WWW is currently undergoing a remarkable change from a collection of pages to a collection of services that interoperate through the Internet. The most successful types of these services are XML Web services and ebXML, which are emerging as significant e-Business application frameworks. However, both ebXML and Web services use different registries each(More)
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