Tae-Kyu Kwon

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In our previous studies, we showed that monocular perception of 3D shapes is based on a priori constraints, such as 3D symmetry and 3D compactness. The present study addresses the nature of perceptual mechanisms underlying binocular perception of 3D shapes. First, we demonstrate that binocular performance is systematically better than monocular performance,(More)
This study, which was influenced a lot by Gestalt ideas, extends our prior work on the role of a priori constraints in the veridical perception of 3D shapes to the perception of 3D scenes. Our experiments tested how human subjects perceive the layout of a naturally-illuminated indoor scene that contains common symmetrical 3D objects standing on a horizontal(More)
Finding the occluding contours of objects in real 2D retinal images of natural 3D scenes is done by determining, which contour fragments are relevant, and the order in which they should be connected. We developed a model that finds the closed contour represented in the image by solving a shortest path problem that uses a log-polar representation of the(More)
A protocol to choose the graft diameter attachment point of each bundle has not yet been determined since they are usually dependent on a surgeon's preference. Therefore, the influence of bundle diameters and attachment points on the kinematics of the knee joint needs to be quantitatively analyzed. A three-dimensional knee model was reconstructed with(More)
The significance, is to introduce a novel way to employ the improved Runge-Kutta fifth order five stage method, here after called as Modified IRK(5,5) method, for system of second order robot arm problem and variations in angles at the joints in which parameters governing with two degrees of freedom which requires lesser number of function evaluations per(More)
BACKGROUND Aging and a past history of low back pain are risk factors for a future low back pain. Recent findings have demonstrated an impaired feed-forward control of paraspinal muscles during upper limb loading in low back pain patients as well as decreased feed-forward mechanism in elderly. The aims of the current study were to assess the age-related(More)
We performed experimental studies on the training of postural control using a training system which consists of an unstable platform, a computer, a computer interface, a monitoring device, and training programs. Using this system with the training programs that we have developed, we performed a variety of experiments of training the abilities of postural(More)