Tae-Joon Kim

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Bounding volume hierarchies (BVHs) are widely used to accelerate the performance of various geometric and graphics applications. These applications include ray tracing, collision detection, visibility queries, dynamic simulation, and motion planning. These applications typically precompute BVHs of input models and traverse the BVHs at runtime in order to(More)
We present a cache-oblivious ray reordering method for ray tracing. Many global illumination methods such as path tracing and photon mapping use ray tracing and generate lots of rays to simulate various realistic visual effects. However, these rays tend to be very incoherent and show lower cache utilizations during ray tracing of models. In order to address(More)
Ray tracing and collision detection are widely used for providing high-quality visualizations and user interactions. In these algorithms, we need to detect intersecting primitives between two input objects (e.g., a ray and a 3D object in ray tracing and two 3D objects in collision detection). In order to efficiently detect these intersecting primitives,(More)
We propose several interactive global illumination techniques for a diverse set of massive models. We integrate these techniques within a progressive rendering framework that aims to achieve both a high rendering throughput and an interactive responsiveness. To achieve a high rendering throughput, we utilize heterogeneous computing resources consisting of(More)
—An effective fairness control method is proposed for distributed queue dual bus with general bandwidth demand patterns under client-server traffic environments. This method is based on a bandwidth tuning mechanism under which an intermediate pattern is first obtained from a bandwidth occupation pattern. Then, the bandwidth demand pattern is matched with(More)
—Quota-based fairness control on a ring with spatial reuse inherently brings about bandwidth waste due to a nature of fairness control. This letter suggests a cycle window and proposes a fairness control scheme based on a two-layer window composed of cycle and packet windows, under which the otherwise wasted bandwidth can be reused to carry, in advance,(More)
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