Tae Ik Kang

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A low-complexity binaural synthesis technique is proposed for real-time immersive rendering of large number of sound sources. A multiple-input single-output system of the spatial features, extracted from head-related transfer function (HRTF) dataset, is constructed to render the sound sources. Sound sources are rendered using low-order approximation of this(More)
The Time and Charge Sensitive Amplifier (TCSA) has been designed to combine excellent timing properties with a good energy measurement. To reach the best timing properties the time jitter and the noise-to-slope ratio have to be optimized. If we assume a uniform flat distribution of the noise without low or high frequency corners and a spectral density Nd (V(More)
As we enter the 3G world, the new mobile handsets are challenged to show more and more functions. In order to process high-resolution image, the high-speed data transfer technology that was originally used in communication system or server system started to be adopted in mobile handsets. In this paper, we describe and compare some technologies for(More)
This paper describes an implementation of a The resulting algorithm has been implemented on an ARM positioning sound synthesis algorithm on an ARM 926 EJ-S 926 EJ-S 32-bit RISC embedded processor. Also, the sound based mobile device. To achieve a minimal complexity, sound quality result using the MOS test is shown in the following sources are synthesized(More)
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