Tae-Hyung Lim

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In this paper, a new construction method of quaternary sequences of even period 2N having the ideal autocorrelation and balance properties is proposed. These quaternary sequences are constructed by applying the inverse Gray mapping to binary sequences of odd period N with the ideal autocorrelation. Autocorrelation distribution of the proposed quaternary(More)
For a prime p &#x2261; 1 mod 4, an odd integer n, and d = p<sup>n</sup>+1 over p+1 + p<sup>n</sup>&#x2212;1 over 2, we investigate the cross-correlation values of p-ary m-sequence m(t) of period p<sup>n</sup> &#x2212; 1 and its decimated m-sequence m(dt). It is shown that the cross-correlation function between m(t) and m(dt) takes the values in equation.
In this paper, we derive the cyclotomic numbers of order 5 over an extension field F<sub>p</sub> <sup>n</sup> using the well-known results of quintic Jacobi sums over F<sub>p</sub> (B. C. Berndt, et al., 1998). For p ne 1 mod 5, we have obtained the simple closed-form expression of the cyclotomic numbers of order 5 over F<sub>p</sub> <sup>n</sup>. For p(More)
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