Tae Hwan Oh

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There is increasing evidence that estrogen influences electrical activity of neurons via stimulation of membrane receptors. Although the presence of intracellular estrogen receptors and their responsiveness in dorsal root ganglion (DRG) primary sensory neurons were reported, rapid electrical responses of estrogen in DRG neurons have not been reported yet.(More)
We have previously reported that acteoside isolated from the leaves of Callicarpa dichotoma has significant neuroprotective activity against glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in primary cultured rat cortical cells. To determine the essential structural moiety within this phenylethanoid glycoside needed to exert neuroprotective activity, acteoside was(More)
Today, a number of universities and colleges offering security education has been growing rapidly for last couple of years. Most universities have adequate facilities and labs to provide hand-on experience in security courses, but some universities and colleges that initiated security courses do not have equipments and space to offer hand-on experience for(More)
Android malware growth has been increasing dramatically as well as the diversity and complicity of their developing techniques. Machine learning techniques have been applied to detect malware by modeling patterns of static features and dynamic behaviors of malware. The accuracy rates of the machine learning classifiers differ depending on the quality of the(More)
The number of mobile device malware has been increasing drastically last several years. When attempting to detect malware within a device, it is difficult to draw a clear line between malicious and normal activities. Even useful applications naturally result in data transfer from a mobile device to a remote server and a malware detection mechanism based(More)