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This paper investigates the problem of building an immersive augmented reality system that uses mirrors to enhance the perceived realism of the user's augmented reality experience. ABSTRACT | According to the ways to see the real environments , mirror metaphor augmented reality systems can be classified into video see-through virtual mirror displays and(More)
Blurred frames may sparsely exist in a video sequence acquired by digital camcorder or digital camera. In order to remove the visually annoying artifact due to those blurred frames, this paper presents a novel motion deblurring algorithm where a blurred frame can be reconstructed utilizing adjacent unblurred frames. Firstly, a motion-compensated predictor(More)
A 16-year old man was referred with intermittent gross haematuria and left flank pain. On physical examination, there was a large mass in the left flank. Enhanced computed tomography demonstrated a 10 cm solid mass on the left retroperitoneal space compressing the renal pelvis and causing hydronephrosis on the left kidney. A few small lymph nodes were noted(More)
This paper proposes a novel de-interlacing algorithm that can make up motion compensation (MC) errors by using maximum likelihood (ML) estimator. Firstly, a proper registration is performed between current field and its adjacent fields, and the progressive frame corresponding to the current field is found via ML estimator based on the computed registration(More)
A brain-enriched secreting signal peptide, NELL2, has been suggested to play multiple roles in the development, survival, and activity of neurons in mammal. We investigated here a possible involvement of central NELL2 in regulating feeding behavior and metabolism. In situ hybridization and an im-munohistochemical approach were used to determine expression(More)
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