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A study on the characteristics of the diffusion layer thickness and porosity of the PEMFC
In the preparation of electrodes for the proton exchange membrane (PEMFC), the effect of the fabrication method and the thickness of the gas diffusion layer and the impregnation method of NafionExpand
The anti-inflammatory potential of Cortex Phellodendron in vivo and in vitro: down-regulation of NO and iNOS through suppression of NF-κB and MAPK activation.
The anti-inflammatory properties of CPA in vitro and in vivo suggest its utility for attenuating inflammation-related diseases. Expand
Practical Treatments for Constipation in Korea
Practical constipation treatment methods in current use will be reviewed with reference to guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorders, including constipation, proposed by The Korean Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility. Expand
A novel direct deposition of Pt catalysts on Nafion impregnated with polypyrrole for PEMFC
Abstract A novel deposition method of Pt catalysts onto Nafion membranes impregnated with polypyrrole (PPy) has been proposed for PEMFC application. The proton conductivity and water uptake of theExpand
Gene Expression Profiles of Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Are Modified by Cell Culture Density
Differences in gene expression profiles of adipose tissue (AT)-derived MSCs were examined after harvesting cells cultured at different densities, implying that cell density at harvest is a critical factor for modulating the specific gene-expression patterns of heterogeneous M SCs. Expand
Genetic markers for diagnosis and pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease.
This review addresses the advances and challenges in determining genetic and diagnostic markers for complex AD pathogenesis and shows that circulating microRNAs in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum of AD patients can be used as biomarkers in AD diagnosis. Expand
SIRT1 is required for oncogenic transformation of neural stem cells and for the survival of "cancer cells with neural stemness" in a p53-dependent manner.
It is demonstrated that expression of SIRT1 in cancer cells with neural stemness plays an important role in suppressing p53-dependent tumor surveillance, the abrogation of which may be responsible not only for inducing oncogenic transformation but also for retaining the neural cancer stemness of the cells. Expand
Emerin suppresses Notch signaling by restricting the Notch intracellular domain to the nuclear membrane.
It is shown that emerin downregulated genes downstream of Notch signaling, which are activated exclusively by the Notch intracellular domain (NICD), which could constitute a new therapeutic target for the treatment of emerin-related diseases. Expand
Chronic active EBV infection: the experience of the Samsung Medical Center in South Korea.
The clinicopathological findings of two children with CAEBV are described and EBV analysis should be included in the principal diagnostic tests for febrile children. Expand
Effect of mycelial extract of Clavicorona pyxidata on the production of amyloid beta-peptide and the inhibition of endogenous beta-secretase activity in vitro.
It is found that the production of Amyloid beta-peptide decreased in a dose-dependent manner in the presence of the mycelial extract and that the concentration of Abeta never exceeded 50 microg/ml. Expand