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INTRODUCTION The cytotoxicity of AH26, a resin-based sealer, induces apoptosis in osteoblast cells. However, the apoptosis pathway is not completely understood. This study examined the apoptosis pathway and its regulation of AH26 through mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPKs), which may play a role in reducing the cytotoxicity of AH26. METHODS Using(More)
INTRODUCTION The cytotoxicity of resin-based sealer is influential on the inflammatory reaction and cell survival for oral periapical cells. In this study, pachymic acid as an antioxidant was investigated for the improvement of bone disturbance against AH Plus (Dentsply DeTrey GmbH, Konstanz, Germany)-induced inflammation in MC-3T3 E1 cells. METHODS AH(More)
OBJECTIVES The AH26 of epoxy resin-based sealer is used widely owing to its excellent physical characteristics but it induces oxidative stress and cytotoxicity at the periapical tissues. AH26 exhibited cytotoxicity towards MC-3T3-E1 cells, which resulted in mitochondria-mediated apoptosis. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPARγ) has an(More)
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