Tadeusz Skubis

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A method and circuit for determination of the ratio error of an inductive autotransformer voltage divider having a 1:2 nominal ratio are shown in this paper. The circuit is used for measurement of a differential voltage between corresponding taps of the divider investigated and reference inductive divider based on which ratio error is determined. The(More)
− A high-precision multi-range unbalanced transformer bridge designed for inductance standard calibration is described. Basic theory of the bridge is discussed which enables direct measurement of differences of both impedance components (∆L and ∆R). The instrument was designed to compare inductors from 100 μH to10 H in the frequency range from 100 Hz to10(More)
Application of a switched two-terminal RC networks for the construction of phase-sensitive detectors (PSDs) which are used in self-balancing transformer bridges is described. The switched two-terminal RC network makes possible effective reduction of noise level, increasing the CMRR, removing the input DC offset and providing the galvanic separation of the(More)
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