Tadeusz Lobos

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— Modern frequency power converters generate a wide spectrum of harmonics components. Standard tools of harmonic analysis based on the Fourier transform assume that only harmonics are present and the periodicity intervals are fixed, while periodicity intervals in the presence of interharmonics are variable and very long. A novel approach to harmonic and(More)
Modern power frequency converters generate not only a wide spectrum of characteristic harmonics but also non-characteristic harmonics and interharmonics. Interharmonics are considered more damaging than ordinary harmonic components of the distorted signals. Usual tools of the harmonic analysis based on Fourier transform assume that only harmonics are(More)
– IEC Standards characterize the waveform distortions in power systems with the amplitudes of harmonic and interharmonic groups and subgroups. These groups/subgroups utilise the waveform spectral components obtained by using a fixed frequency resolution DFT; while this choice represents a good compromise among different aims such as the need of good(More)
—This paper considers applying nonparametric and parametric methods for the calculation of the time–frequency representation of nonstationary signals in power electronics. A space phasor is proposed as a complex representation of a three-phase signal to calculate the spectrum of positive-and negative-sequence components. The developed methods are tested(More)
In many applications, very fast methods are required for estimating and measurement of parameters of harmonic signals distorted by noise. This follows from the fact that signals have often time varying amplitudes. Most of the known digital algorithms are not fully parallel, so that the speed of processing is quite limited. In this paper we propose new(More)
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