Tadeusz Kosciuszko

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BELARUS IS LOCATED in the geographical centre of Europe, it suffered the highest death toll in World War II relative to its pre-war population, and it was one of the co-founders of the United Nations. Yet Belarus enjoys perhaps the lowest name recognition of all Europe’s countries. Belarus is also the home and/or ancestral land of many eminent personalities(More)
A number of theoretical problems are discovered in the application of degenerated models in punching process of ballistic shields. Insufficient knowledge of dynamic behavi ours of these models based on non-linear complex constitutive materials or combination of mixed rheological Maxwell models with linear elastic elements or dissipative is the main reason(More)
The block preconditioned conjugate gradient method for extraction of eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes is presented for finite element software in structural analysis. The proposed approach is focused on multi-core desktops and laptops and allows us to effectively analyze large design models, when classical methods based on the factoring of stiffness matrix,(More)
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