Tadeusz Czachórski

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The article presents a diffusion approximation model applied to investigate the behavior of priority queues. We discusses the use of the diffusion approximation in transient analysis of queueing models in the case of a single station and of a queueing network presenting the solutions. We emphasize the numerical aspect of the solution and analyze the errors.(More)
We propose a model based on diffusion approximation to estimate the probability density function of the distribution of a packet travel time in a multihop wireless sensor network. In its general form, the model assumes that the propagation medium and the distribution of relay nodes may be heterogeneous in space and that the system characteristics may change(More)
The paper presents a performance model of fork and join synchronization primitives. The primitives are used in parallel programs executed on distributed systems. Three variants of the execution of parallel programs with fork and join primitives are considered and queueing models are proposed to evaluate their performance on a finite number of processors.(More)
We advocate the use of level crossing ordering of Markov chains and we present two applications of this ordering to analyze the deflection routing in an all optical packet network. As optical storage of packets is not available, we assume that the routing protocol is based on deflection. This routing strategy does not allow packet loss. However it keeps the(More)