Tadele Tadela Damessie

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Human relevance judgments are a key component for measuring the effectiveness of information retrieval systems using test collections. Since relevance is not an absolute concept, human assessors can disagree on particular topic-document pairs for a variety of reasons. In this work we investigate the effect that document presentation order has on inter-rater(More)
Judging the relevance of documents for an information need is an activity that underpins the most widely-used approach in the evaluation of information retrieval systems. In this study we investigate the relationship between how long it takes an assessor to judge document relevance, and three key factors that may influence the judging scenario: the(More)
(Authors listed in lexicographical order of the surnames) Abstract—This paper describes the four systems RMIT fielded for the TREC 2015 LiveQA task and the associated experiments. The challenge results show that the base run RMIT-0 has achieved an above-average performance, but other attempted improvements have all resulted in decreased retrieval(More)
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