Taddese Alemu

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Forty children between the ages of 16 and 42 months and their mothers, living in an Ethiopian rural village, participated in the study. The objective was to determine the mental development of the children using the Bayley Scale of Mental Development, and to examine its relation to nutritional status and mother-child interaction. Forty-eight percent of the(More)
BACKGROUND Stigma and discrimination can limit access to care and treatment services. Stigma hides HIV from the public, resulting in reduced pressure for behavioral change. For effective behavior change, empirically grounded and theory-based behavioral change approaches are fundamental as a prevention interventions directed on decreasing stigma and(More)
  • T Alemu, A Jean-Marie, Tigist Alemu, Alain Jean-Marie
  • 2004
Our work focuses on an adaptive approach of RED that does not require any hypothesis on the type of traffic and thus diminishes its dependency on the scenario parameters such as the bandwidth, the round-trip time and the number of active connections. Recent works with the same objectives have used an adaptive approach of RED, namely ARED (Adaptive RED) that(More)
BACKGROUND Low Birth Weight (LBW) babies account for nearly 80% of neonatal deaths globally. In Ethiopia, only 5% of them are weighed at birth. This study analyzes the prevalence and key proximate determinants of reported infant size, and its validity to use as a proxy indicator for low birth weight inthe Ethiopian context. METHODS In-depth analysis of(More)
Anemia is a major public health problem worldwide. In Ethiopia, a nationally representative and consistent evidence is lacking on the prevalence and determinants during pregnancy. We conducted an in-depth analysis of demographic and health survey for the year 2011 which is a representative data collected from all regions in Ethiopia. Considering maternal(More)
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