Tadd Truscott

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We present the results of a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the vertical impact of low-density spheres on a water surface. Particular attention is given to characterizing the sphere dynamics and the influence of its deceleration on the shape of the resulting air cavity. A theoretical model is developed which yields simple expressions(More)
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We examine the evolution of the water-entry cavity formed by millimetric steel spheres with hydrophobic coatings striking the water surface. 1 The impact creates an axi-symmetric air cavity that expands radially before closing under the combined influence of hydrostatic pressure, surface tension, and dynamic pressure. At low Bond numbers, B = ␳gR 2 / ␴ Ӷ 1,(More)
The free-surface impact of solid objects has been investigated for well over a century. This canonical problem is influenced by many physical parameters, including projectile geometry, material properties, fluid properties, and impact parameters. Through advances in high-speed imaging and visualization techniques, discoveries about the underlying physics(More)
In the field of fluid mechanics, the resolution of computational schemes has outpaced experimental methods and widened the gap between predicted and observed phenomena in fluid flows. Thus, a need exists for an accessible method capable of resolving three-dimensional (3D) data sets for a range of problems. We present a novel technique for performing(More)
Ocean science and engineering are exciting and active fields industry as well as academia. " Revolutionizing " marine science and technology requires that future generations have access to strong academic programs in ocean science and engineering. Undergraduates pursing degree programs in ocean engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)(More)
Incited by public fascination and engineering application, water-skipping of rigid stones and spheres has received considerable study. While these objects can be coaxed to ricochet, elastic spheres demonstrate superior water-skipping ability, but little is known about the effect of large material compliance on water impact physics. Here we show that upon(More)
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Mach stem formation during outdoor acoustic shock propagation is investigated using spherical oxyacetylene balloons exploded above pavement. The location of the transition point from regular to irregular reflection and the path of the triple point are experimentally resolved using microphone arrays and a high-speed camera. The transition point falls between(More)