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An immunoradiometric assay for an ovarian tumor associated antigen (CA 125) has recently been developed. The CA 125 assay was reported to be fairly sensitive for ovarian cancer. However, elevated CA 125 levels were reportedly observed in 1% of healthy controls, 6% of patients with miscellaneous diseases and 29% of patients with non-gynecological cancer.(More)
Plasma concentrations of oxytocin in nine spontaneous labors (group 1), nine amniotomy-induced labors (group 2), six prostaglandin F2 alpha-induced labors (group 3), and five prostaglandin E2-induced labors (group 4) were determined at the stages of 1 to 7 days preceding the onset of labor, onset of labor, and established labor, by means of unextracted(More)
In order to determine whether endogenous dopaminergic tone has any role in the diurnal variation in TSH secretion, the 24-h secretory pattern of TSH and the TSH response to a dopamine antagonist, metoclopramide (MCP), were evaluated in normal women (n = 4) and in hyperprolactinemic-amenorrheic women with pituitary microadenoma (n = 6). TSH concentrations(More)
To obtain insight into the role of endogenous dopamine (DA) on the adenohypophyseal hormones release in amenorrhoeic women, responses of the adenohypophyseal hormones to a DA antagonist, metoclopramide (MCP), were evaluated in 4 normal women, in 9 normoprolactinaemic-amenorrhoeic patients, and in 7 hyperprolactinaemic-amenorrhoeic patients. The(More)
No nocturnal increase of prolactin (Prl) secretion during sleep has reportedly been discernible in most cases of hyperprolactinaemic patients with pituitary tumour. However, subjects previously evaluated, were in the majority, patients with large pituitary tumour. In the present study, 24 h secretory pattern of Prl was evaluated in 4 hyperprolactinaemic(More)
A 4-month-old male infant with acute febrile mucocutaneous lymph-node syndrome developed mitral regurgitation, pericardial effusion and multiple pulsating masses in the upper and lower extremities. Two-dimensional echocardiography demonstrated aneurysms in both coronary arteries. Arteriography of the right arm demonstrated multiple aneurysms. Seventeen(More)
A man suffering from severe intermittent claudication of the right calf and foot was successfully treated by femoro-tibio-peroneal trunk autogenous vein bypass with adjunctive arteriovenous fistula. Prior to operation, he was unable to walk more than 50 meters without resting. Preoperative arteriography revealed extensive occlusion of the popliteotibial(More)
INTRODUCTION Villitis of unknown etiology (VUE) is associated with fetal growth restriction. However, the underlying mechanisms of villous injury in placentas with VUE are still largely unknown. We aimed to verify whether apoptosis-related factors are increased in VUE placentas. Furthermore, we determined apoptosis of villous cells. METHODS Six placentas(More)