Tadayoshi Ohmura

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Purpose. We investigated optimum formulation characteristics in the nasal absorption of salmon calcitonin (sCT) by incorporation of acylcarnitines. Methods. Nasal sCT formulations were administered to anesthetized rats. Plasma calcium level was measured and pharmacological bioavailability (P.bioav) was calculated. Results. Nasal sCT absorption was(More)
A method for the high-performance liquid chromatographic assay of the relative activities of serum pancreatic and salivary alpha-amylase has been developed, using maltopentaose reductively aminated with 2-aminopyridine as a fluorescent substrate. Both enzymes showed similar modes of action, cleaving the second and the third (from the non-reducing terminal)(More)
Positive ion fast atom bombardment mass spectra of maltooligosaccharides reductively aminated with 2-aminopyridine (Gn-AP) contain abundant [M + H]+ ions. Determination of G2-AP and G3-AP produced from G5-AP by the action of alpha-amylases, based on the abundance of their [M + H]+ ions relative to that of cellobiose reductively aminated with(More)
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