Tadayoshi Karube

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The DNA replication of human lymphocytes was studied using the labeling pattern on chromosomes after pulse labeling with bromodeoxyuridine and immunostaining with the monoclonal antibody to bromodeoxyuridine. The sites of bromodeoxyuridine incorporation were defined by comparison with the same karyotype treated G-banding, and a more precise analysis was(More)
Squamous metaplasia, dysplasia and carcinoma in situ (CIS) were induced in the ICR/Jcl mouse tracheal mucosa by exposure to a mist of 5% NaCl solution following single subcutaneous injection of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide (4-NQO). Either subcutaneous injection of 4-NQO or NaCl inhalation alone did not cause any marked change in the tracheal mucosa. The NaCl(More)
The promoting effect of NaCl solution mist was studied in the induction of papillomas on Syrian hamster trachea following single subcutaneous injection of diethylnitrosamine (DEN). Sixty male hamsters were divided into three groups. Group A; Exposure to a 5% NaCl solution mist for 32 weeks following single subcutaneous injection of DEN at a dose of 3 mg/100(More)
The genotoxic effect of maternal exposure to diesel engine exhaust was studied by analyses of sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs) and formation of micronuclei with fetal liver cells. Fetal liver cells were obtained from pregnant ICR/JCl mice at the 16th day of gestation. Diesel engine exhaust was generated by running a small engine (YANMAR NSA-40CE, used as(More)
The effect of a 30-d pretreatment with vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) in the drinking water and vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopherol) in the diet on the clastogenic activity induced by X-rays and 6-mercaptopurine was investigated in female ICR/Jcl mice by the bone-marrow micronucleus test. Prefeeding with vitamin E-deficient diets led to a significant decrease(More)
We studied experimentally the influences of direct gastric hyperthermia on the gastric function and applied this for a therapeutic measure to t reat gastroptosis. In this method, an intragastric baloon is irrigated by a pump with water in a thermostat through the double tubes. The surface temperature of mucosa is kept in 43 or 45 degrees C in 30 or 60(More)
first peak of the excluded fract ions in acid, as in anacid gastric juice, on Sephadex G-75 and G-100 had the gas t rone activity. The gastrone in normal acid juice was the single carbohydrate containing f ract ion exhibi t ing electrophoretic mobili ty of a s ialomucin and showed 8 sedimentat ion coefficient. 2. Using the Oucter lony technique, the gas t(More)
A case of congenital leukemia in which texture changes in ultrasonography were followed up is reported. The patient was a male infant hospitalized on day 22 after birth with multiple bluish skin nodules. Complete remission was achieved easily, but he relapsed early and died from the disease after six months. Because of L1 morphology the disease was(More)