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We describe here the use of a confocal laser scanning microscope for imaging fast dynamic changes of the intracellular calcium ion concentration ([Ca2+]i) in isolated ventricular cell pairs. The scanning apparatus of our system, paired galvanometer mirrors, can perform narrow band scanning of an area of interest at a high temporal resolution of less than 70(More)
We analyzed spatio-temporal characteristics of Ca2+ transients in the cytosol and the nucleus of cultured neonatal rat heart cells using confocal imaging with Indo-1 and Fluo-3. In resting heart muscle cells, nuclear [Ca2+] was maintained lower than the cytosolic level. The rise in nuclear [Ca2+], during either E-C coupling or propagation of the Ca2+ wave,(More)
An important use of a computer symbolic mathematical system lies in the area of matrix manipulation. This includes determinant [1,5] and linear equations [2,6,8]. Computing the inverse is one of the more complicated matrix operations. A principal difficulty in the exact inversion of a matrix is intermediate expression growth. This is particularly true if(More)
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