Tadashi Yasufuku

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Contention-less flip-flops (CLFF's) and separated power supply voltages (V<inf>DD</inf>) between flip-flops (FF's) and combinational logics are proposed to achieve a maximum energy efficiency(More)
Scaling power supply voltages (V<sub>DD</sub>'s) of logic circuits down to the sub/near-threshold region is a promising approach to achieve significant power reductions. Circuit delays in the(More)
Within-functional-block fine-grained adaptive dual supply voltage control (FADVC) is proposed to reduce the power of CMOS logic circuits. Both process and design variations within a functional block(More)
Vesamicol is known to inhibit the transport of acetylcholine (ACh) into synaptic vesicles in vitro, but much less is known about its effects in the brain in vivo. To assess the effect of vesamicol in(More)