Tadashi Ushio

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The crystal structure of (+/-)-[2-[4-(2-hydroxyhexyloxy)phenylcarbamoyl]ethyl]dimethylsulfonium p-chlorobenzenesulfonate [(+/-)-SCC], which failed to effect preferential enrichment due to the chemical modification of the prototype (+/-)-[2-[4-(3-ethoxy-2- hydroxypropoxy)phenylcarbamoyl]ethyl]dimethylsulfonium p-chlorobenzenesulfonate [(+/-)-SC] showing(More)
We propose a polarization-independent silicon wire-waveguide directional coupler optical switch (DC-OS) by adjusting the propagation constant difference between the guided modes. The thermo-optic (TO) switching power consumption is as low as 18.5mW. This polarization-independent DC-OS is expected to be valuable for optical interconnection in silicon(More)
Author(s) Chiba, Go; Tsuji, Masashi; Narabayashi, Tadashi; Ohoka, Yasunori; Ushio, Tadashi Citation Journal of nuclear science and technology, 52(7-8): 953-960 Issue Date 2015-08 Doc URL http://hdl.handle.net/2115/62612 Right This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Journal of nuclear science and technology on 4 Aug(More)
In the current light water reactor analysis, the neutronics analysis procedure is divided into two stages – the lattice physics and the core calculations. The former is to make a tabulated cross section set for the latter, commonly on the basis of homogenized fuel assemblies or fuel pincells. The latter performs simulations to obtain the neutronics(More)
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