Tadashi Takeuchi

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Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a key step toward cancer metastasis, and Snail is a major transcription factor governing EMT. Here, we demonstrate that Snail-induced EMT accelerates cancer metastasis through not only enhanced invasion but also induction of immunosuppression. Murine and human melanoma cells with typical EMT features after snail(More)
The occurrence of Brunner's gland adenoma in the duodenum is infrequent. The authors report a case of great Brunner's gland adenoma of the duodenal bulb, which is of interest because of its great size (8.5×4.5 cm) and the negative result of the endoscopic biopsy. Endoscopy has improved the diagnosis of the duodenal tumors; however, traditional endoscopic(More)
Several authors have reported a case of chronic pancreatitis associated with Sjögren's syndrome in which an autoimmune mechanism may have been involved in the etrology and in which steroid therapy was effective. We recently encountered a patient with pancreatitis who had hyperglobulinemia, was autoantibody-positive, and responded to steroid therapy. This(More)
A water-soluble photoresponsive molecular glue, Azo-(18)Glue, consisting of a photochromic azobenzene core and two adhesive dendritic wedges with a total of 18 peripheral guanidinium ion (Gu(+)) pendants tightly adheres to the surface of a phospholipid membrane, even in buffer, via a multivalent salt-bridge formation with phosphate anions. A photomechanical(More)
Symposia 1) Indications for liver transplantation Moderators: Kyuichi Tanikawa (Kurume University School of Medicine) Jun Okamura (Osaka Teishin Hospital) 2) Current concept and therapy of H2-blocker resistant peptic ulcer Moderators: Takashi Nakamura (Teikyo University School of Medicine) Teruaki Aoki (Jikei University School of Medicine) 3) Biotherapy for(More)
We assessed the duration of the anti-cholecystokinin (CCK) action of FK480, a new non-peptide CCK-A receptor antagonist developed in Japan, in an in vivo study in rats, comparing it with CR 1505. Pancreatic exocrine secretion stimulated by intravenous infusion of CCK-8 (0.06 μg/kg per h) was measured at intervals of 0–24 h after the oral administration of(More)
Prognosis of the carcinoma of the pancreas is very poor, because of difficulty of its early diagnosis and its radical operation. Only 12% out of 69 cases who were treated in our hospital dur ing past 9 years were operated radically and only 2 cases of the carcinoma of the Papil la vater i survive now. Now, the development of new methods for the early(More)
The French National Society of Gastro Enterology is organizing in PARIS--FACULTE DES SAINTS-PERES--03.29.82/04.01.82 9 THE 17th RESEARCH FORUM IN HEPATO GASTRO ENTEROLOGY Organizer: C. ROZE, M.D. Laboratoire de Biologie et Physiologie des Cellules Digestives Facult6 de M6decine Xavier Bichat 16, rue H. Huchard F-75018 PARIS 9 THE 6th FRENCH MEETING OF(More)