Tadashi Takeuchi

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Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a key step toward cancer metastasis, and Snail is a major transcription factor governing EMT. Here, we demonstrate that Snail-induced EMT accelerates cancer metastasis through not only enhanced invasion but also induction of immunosuppression. Murine and human melanoma cells with typical EMT features after snail(More)
The occurrence of Brunner's gland adenoma in the duodenum is infrequent. The authors report a case of great Brunner's gland adenoma of the duodenal bulb, which is of interest because of its great size (8.5×4.5 cm) and the negative result of the endoscopic biopsy. Endoscopy has improved the diagnosis of the duodenal tumors; however, traditional endoscopic(More)
Several authors have reported a case of chronic pancreatitis associated with Sjögren's syndrome in which an autoimmune mechanism may have been involved in the etrology and in which steroid therapy was effective. We recently encountered a patient with pancreatitis who had hyperglobulinemia, was autoantibody-positive, and responded to steroid therapy. This(More)
INTRODUCTION Cholecystokinin (CCK)-receptor antagonists have been found to markedly reduce the severity of pancreatitis and improve survival in experimental animal models of acute pancreatitis. CCK appears to play an important role in the development and progression of acute pancreatitis, and the recent development of CCK antagonists has provided a new(More)
We investigated the possible role of endogenous secretin and cholecytokinin (CCK) on oleic acid-stimulated pancreatic exocrine secretion in anesthetized rats. Intraduodenal infusion of oleic acid (pH 6.5) in three different doses (0.06, 0.25 and 1 mmole/hr) resulted in dose-related increases in pancreatic juice volume, bicarbonate and amylase outputs(More)
We have investigated the role of intestinal fat digestion in fat-induced suppression of gastric acid secretion and gastrin release in the rat. Intraduodenal administration of oleic acid (10%, pH 6.5) and triglyceride (10%, pH 6.5) at a rate of 2 ml/hr resulted in significant suppression of gastric acid secretion and gastrin release stimulated by(More)
High performance and high quality for continuous media stream delivery needed by streaming server systems cannot be achieved efficiently using general-purpose operating systems, due to the overhead of the I/O mechanism implementation generally used. Special OS combined with powerful hardware can deliver better performance and quality but increases(More)
The first case that led researchers to put forward a new concept of autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) was treated with steroids by gastroenterologists in Tokyo Women's Medical University. It is important to differentiate AIP from pancreatic cancer before treatment with steroids is started. Today, steroids are standard therapy for AIP worldwide. In the Japanese(More)