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High performance and high quality for continuous media stream delivery needed by streaming server systems cannot be achieved efficiently using general-purpose operating systems, due to the overhead of the I/O mechanism implementation generally used. Special OS combined with powerful hardware can deliver better performance and quality but increases(More)
The first case that led researchers to put forward a new concept of autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) was treated with steroids by gastroenterologists in Tokyo Women's Medical University. It is important to differentiate AIP from pancreatic cancer before treatment with steroids is started. Today, steroids are standard therapy for AIP worldwide. In the Japanese(More)
Demands for implementing original OSs that can achieve high I/O performance on PC/AT compatible hardware have recently been increasing, but conventional OS debugging environments have not been able to simultaneously assure their stability, be easily customized to new OSs and new I/O devices, and assure efficient execution of I/O operations. We therefore(More)
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