Tadashi Takashina

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We have developed a new Agrobacterium-mediated transformation method for the low-frequency-regenerating pear (Pyrus communis L.) cvs. Silver bell and La France. Leaf sections derived from in vitro shoots were initially used for the transformation procedure. Under optimum transformation conditions, which included culture and selection on 30 mg/l kanamycin(More)
Freeze-drying (FD) is a useful technique for removing water from biological tissues, such as food samples. Cellular components freeze at once, and the ice sublimates under conditions of high vacuum and low temperatures. Because biological activity is restricted during FD, the degradation of cellular metabolites is often believed to be limited. However, the(More)
Low temperatures cause cellular damage in flower buds of the sweet cherry (Prunus avium L. cv. Satohnishiki). In this study, the redox states within the cherry buds suffering freezing damage were non-destructively observed by a unique in vivo electron spin resonance (ESR) technique with a spin probe such as carbamoyl-PROXYL. The ESR signals of(More)