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A new, spontaneously occurring diabetic syndrome has been observed in the aged males of an inbred strain of Wistar rats, WBN/Kob. The main clinical sign, glycosuria, was first detected at about 60 weeks of age, and thereafter some animals developed hyperlipidaemia and gradual emaciation. Prior to the onset of glucosuria, male rats showed impaired glucose(More)
Almost all the male animals of WBN/Kob rat strain show the diabetic syndrome whereas none of the female animals develop such diseased conditions even at elder age. We investigated the effect of sex hormones on the onset of diabetic syndrome of this rat strain by comparing the results of body weight gain and various clinical tests such as glucose tolerance,(More)
In our previous papers, a new device in endoscopic diagnostics and its clinical application were reported, in which Congo red solution was put on the gastric mucosa whereby the acid secreting area could be defined by endoscopic method under administrat ion of acid secreting stimulant as Histamine or Histalog. This paper deals with improvement of the new(More)
Using Wistar stain male rats, it has been shown that 2 atmospheric pressures associated with oxygen saturation, together or singly for 90 minutes daily for successive 46 days, resulted in no significant change on the ratio of testes to body weight. No significant change was observed in the incorporation of 3H-thymidine into testes and pituitary glands(More)
As ear ly gast r ic cancers spread in mucosal layer, it is na tu ra l ly considered tha t the endoscopic observat ion is one of the most valuable method to determine the port ion of gas t r ic resect ion in surgical field. Among various types of ear ly gast r ic cancer, de terminat ion of the upper l imi t of ear ly gas t r i c cancer infi l trat ion is(More)
Cytoplasmic and nuclear accumulation of glycogen granules in the kidney cells of 72 male WBN/Kob rats with a long-term diabetic condition was studied histologically and by electron microscopy. The incidence and degree of the accumulation showed good correlation with the blood glucose concentration. In the kidneys, there was evidence of two types of lesion,(More)
Four cavernous hemangiomas were found in a 34-year-old woman after the first delivery. All four hemangiomas became enlarged after the second delivery. Due to complaints of symptoms of compression, and to rule out malignancy, surgical intervention was employed. Histologically, the tumors were typical cavernous hemangiomas. Although a relationship between(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between serum insulin and lipoprotein (a) [Lp(a)] concentrations in both sexes in a large population. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The authors conducted a cross-sectional investigation of fasting serum concentrations of insulin and Lp(a), other blood tests, blood pressures, anthropological measurements, physical(More)
We investigated the relationships between hyperinsulinemia (a major indicator of the insulin resistance syndrome), blood pressure, dyslipidemia, and coagulation factors in 2606 community-dwelling Japanese individuals as part of the Jichi Medical School Cohort Study. An age-related decrease of the fasting insulin level was found in men but not in women. Body(More)
In the previous report (April, 1964), we demonstra ted tha t inject ion of anti-rat gastr ic mucosa rabbi t serum to the ra t produced some histological changes of the gastr ic mucosa and, a t the same time, an ant ibody to the autologous s tomach mucosa as shown by the Ochter lony method. The study has now been extended with the same anti-rat s tomach(More)