Tadashi Negishi

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In spite of the clinical usefulness of cisplatin (CDDP), there are many occasions in which it is difficult to continue the administration of CDDP due to its nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity. We examined the incorporation of CDDP into polymeric micelles to see if this allowed the resolution of these disadvantages. Cisplatin was incorporated into polymeric(More)
NK105 is a micellar nanoparticle formulation designed to enhance the delivery of paclitaxel (PTX) to solid tumours. It has been reported to exert antitumour activity in vivo and to have reduced neurotoxicity as compared to that of free PTX. The purpose of this study was to investigate the radiosensitising effect of NK105 in comparison with that of PTX.(More)
BACKGROUND A risk assessment of magnetic field (MF) exposure conducted by the World Health Organization indicated the need for biological studies on primary hazard identification and quantitative risk evaluation of intermediate frequency (300 Hz-100 kHz) MFs. Because induction heating cookers generate such MFs for cooking, reproductive and developmental(More)
In order to obtain numerical data concerning the lingual muscle spindle distribution, the muscle spindles were histologically surveyed on the serial frontal and horizontal sections (stained by hematoxylin-eosin) from the apex to the radix of the tongue. On one side four hundred and sixty-six muscle spindles were counted in seven muscles, the superior(More)
Despite increasing use of intermediate frequency (IF) magnetic fields (MFs) in occupational and domestic settings, scientific evidence necessary for health risk assessments of IF MF is insufficient. Male and female Crl:CD(SD) rats (12 per sex per group) were exposed to 20 kHz, 0.20 mT(root mean square, rms) or 60 kHz, 0.10 mT(rms) sinusoidal MFs for 22 h(More)
Thirty-eight patients with genuine stress incontinence underwent the Gittes procedures of the bladder neck suspension under ultrasonical monitoring. We performed the following two procedures. Original Gittes procedure: the puncture of the needle made twice through the different holes of the rectus fascia for each side and the bilateral helical suture was(More)
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