Tadashi Miyakawa

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A 64-Mb chain ferroelectric RAM (chainFeRAM) is fabricated using 130-nm 3-metal CMOS technology. A newly developed quad bitline architecture, which combines folded bitline configuration with shield bitline scheme, eliminates bitline-bitline (BL-BL) coupling noise. The quad bitline architecture also reduces the number of sense amplifiers and activated(More)
A ferroelectric capacitor overdrive technique with shield-bitline drive has been demonstrated and verified by a 130 nm 576 Kb test chip with a 0.7191 m cell. First, cell signal degradation and bitline-to-bitline coupling noise worsened by wide cell signal distribution in low voltage scaled FeRAMs are discussed. Next, the shield-bitline-overdrive technique(More)
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has been studying Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS) since 1998. To achieve 1GW-class SSPS, a power transmitting subsystem on a square kilometer scale is required for microwave power transmission (MPT). Consequently, it is crucial to construct a number of transmitting modules in the power transmitting subsystem,(More)
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