Tadas Paulauskas

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The incommensurately layered cobalt oxide Ca(3)Co(4)O(9) exhibits an unusually high Seebeck coefficient as a polycrystalline bulk material, making it ideally suited for many high temperature thermoelectric applications. In this paper, we investigate properties of Ca(3)Co(4)O(9) thin films grown on cubic perovskite SrTiO(3), LaAlO(3), and(More)
A newly designed, 100 mm2, silicon drift detector has been installed on an aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope equipped with an ultra-high resolution pole piece, without requiring column modifications. With its unique, windowless design, the detector's active region is in close proximity to the sample, resulting in a dramatic(More)
Extended defects are of considerable importance in determining the electronic properties of semiconductors, especially in photovoltaics (PVs), due to their effects on electron-hole recombination. We employ model systems to study the effects of dislocations in CdTe by constructing grain boundaries using wafer bonding. Atomic-resolution scanning transmission(More)
Ca3Co4O9 has a unique structure that leads to exceptionally high thermoelectric transport. Here we report the achievement of a 27% increase in the room-temperature in-plane Seebeck coefficient of Ca3Co4O9 thin films. We combine aberration-corrected Z-contrast imaging, atomic-column resolved electron energy-loss spectroscopy, and density-functional(More)
Surface coating of cathode materials with Al2O3 has been shown to be a promising method for cathode stabilization and improved cycling performance at high operating voltages. However, a detailed understanding on how coating process and cathode composition change the chemical composition, morphology, and distribution of coating within the cathode interface(More)
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