Tadao Tamura

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A patient with subcutaneous eosinophilic lymphoid granuloma (Kimura's disease) associated with a high serum IgE level and a marked blood eosinophilia, had a glomerulonephritis with electron dense deposits in mesangial, paramesangial, subendothelial, intramembranous and epimembranous areas. By immunofluorescence, all the glomeruli showed predominant(More)
Primary amyloidosis is a disease that causes intractable nephrotic syndrome, with continuous progression to end-stage renal failure (ESRF) [1,2]. Furthermore, it causes fatal cardiac conditions such as conduction disturbance and restrictive heart failure [3]. Although regular haemodialysis (HD) therapy has been attempted for ESRF in primary amyloidosis, a(More)
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