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SUMMARY This paper reviews the operation, design, and performance of the uni-traveling-carrier-photodiode (UTC-PD). The UTC-PD is a new type of photodiode that uses only electrons as its active carriers and its prime feature is high current operation. A small signal analysis predicts that a UTC-PD can respond to an optical signal as fast as or faster than a(More)
A 120-GHz-band wireless link that uses millimeter-wave (MMW) photonic techniques was developed. The output power and noise characteristics of 120-GHz-band MMWs generated by converting a 125-GHz optical subcarrier signal were evaluated. It was then shown that the noise characteristics of the 125-GHz signal generated with these photonic technologies is(More)
There has been an increasing interest in the application of terahertz (THz) waves to broadband wireless communications. In particular, use of frequencies above 275 GHz is one of the strong concerns among radio scientists and engineers, because these frequency bands have not yet been allocated at specific active services, and there is a possibility to employ(More)
We have developed a 120-GHz-band wireless link whose maximum transmission data rate is 11.1 Gbit/s. The wireless link uses millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuits (MMICs) for the generation of a 120-GHz-band millimeter-wave wireless signal. The MMICs were fabricated using 0.1-mum-gate InP-HEMTs and coplanar waveguides. The wireless link can handle(More)
This paper describes the development of wavegude modules for 120-GHz wireless applications. The MMIC in the modules were fabricated using 0.1-mum-gate InP-HEMTs and coplanar waveguides. The transmitter (Tx) module contains a Tx MMIC and a multiplier MMIC for carrier generation. The Tx MMIC contains a frequency doubler, ASK modulator, and an amplifier.(More)
We report on the first error-free terahertz (THz) wireless communication at 0.310 THz for data rates up to 8.2 Gbps using a 18-GHz-bandwidth GaAs/AlGaAs field-effect transistor as a detector. This result demonstrates that low-cost commercially-available plasma-wave transistors whose cut-off frequency is far below THz frequencies can be employed in THz(More)