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There has been an increasing interest in the application of terahertz (THz) waves to broadband wireless communications. In particular, use of frequencies above 275 GHz is one of the strong concerns among radio scientists and engineers, because these frequency bands have not yet been allocated at specific active services, and there is a possibility to employ(More)
SUMMARY This paper reviews a recent progress in terahertz wireless communications enabled by photonics technologies. After briefly summarizing transceiver configurations with electronics and photonics technologies , photonics-based approaches to achieving over 100-Gbit/s data rates are discussed. Then, some of our updated results on real-time wireless(More)
A 120-GHz-band close-proximity wireless system that achieves the first 10-Gbit/s real-time transmission satisfying the regulation for extremely low-power radio stations (ELRS regulation). The use of photonic technologies enables the transmitter to perform 10-Gbit/s quadrature-phase-shift keying (QPSK) modulation and generate an RF spectrum with negligibly(More)