Tadao Kunihiro

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Endosymbioses between phototrophic algae and heterotrophic organisms are an important symbiotic association in that this association connects photo- and heterotrophic metabolism, and therefore, affects energy/matter pathways and cycling in the ecosystem. However, little is known about the early processes of evolution of an endosymbiotic association between(More)
The relationship between bacterial respiratory quinone (RQ) concentration and biomass was assessed for Lake Biwa bacterial assemblages to evaluate the utility of bacterial RQ concentration as an indicator of bacterial carbon. The biomass estimated from the RQ concentration correlated well with that from cell volume, indicating that RQ concentration is an(More)
The grazing and lysis mortalities of planktonic bacteria were estimated using the modified dilution method and respiratory quinone (RQ) analysis in mesotrophic Lake Biwa, Japan. The planktonic bacterial assemblages in the lake consisted of various RQ subgroups with different growth and mortality rates. The sum of total bacterial mortalities due to protistan(More)
Phospholipid-derived fatty acids (PLFA) and respiratory quinones (RQ) are microbial compounds that have been utilized as biomarkers to quantify bacterial biomass and to characterize microbial community structure in sediments, waters, and soils. While PLFAs have been widely used as quantitative bacterial biomarkers in marine sediments, applications of(More)
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