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33 IBM's Linux Watch: The Challenge of Miniaturization this one have been foundational in our vision of a communications device that would change lives. For nearly four years, we have seen this vision evolving as the IBM Linux watch, a complete computer system that runs Linux, displays X11 graphics, and has wireless connectivity. Figure 1 shows two versions(More)
We recently demonstrated a high function wrist watch computer prototype that runs the Linux operating system and also X11 graphics libraries. In this paper we describe the unique energy related challenges and tradeoffs we encountered while building this watch. We show that the usage duty factor for the device heavily dictates which of the powers, active(More)
The hash functions MD5, RIPEMD-160, and SHA-1/224/256/384/512 were implemented by using a 0.13/spl mu/m CMOS standard cell library with two synthesis options, area and speed optimizations, and their performances were evaluated. The smallest circuit of 8.0 Kgates with a throughput of 929 Mbps, and the highest throughput of 2.9 Gbps with 27.3 Kgates were(More)
Materials are typically ductile at higher temperatures and become brittle at lower temperatures. In contrast to the typical ductile-to-brittle transition behavior of body-centered cubic (bcc) steels, we observed an inverse temperature dependence of toughness in an ultrahigh-strength bcc steel with an ultrafine elongated ferrite grain structure that was(More)
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