Tadamichi Nagashima

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[reaction: see text] A new strategy to improve the efficiency of Suzuki coupling reactions is introduced by combining fast microwave reaction with easy fluorous separation. Aryl perfluorooctylsulfonates derived from the corresponding phenols are coupled with aryl boronic acids to form biaryls under general microwave conditions. Both intermediates and(More)
Parallel synthesis of an N-alkylated dihydropteridinone library has been accomplished in five steps starting from two displacement reactions of 4,6-dichloro-5-nitropyrimidine, first with fluorous amino acids, then with secondary amines. The hydrogenation of the nitro group followed by microwave-assisted cyclization gave the dihydropteridinones. Further(More)
A new fluorous 2-chloropyridinium hexafluorophosphate was prepared as a modified Mukaiyama condensation reagent, and it was applied in amide formation reactions. Good to excellent purities of amides were obtained after fluorous solid-phase extraction of reaction mixtures without additional chromatography.
A commercially available Argonaut VacMaster-96 plate-to-plate solid-phase extraction (SPE) station equipped with 24 FluoroFlash cartridges is employed for parallel purification of fluorous reaction mixtures. Each cartridge charged with 3 g of fluorous silica gel has the capability to produce up to 100 mg of purified small molecules. The 24-well receiving(More)
A fluorous linker-assisted synthetic protocol has been developed for preparation of sclerotigenin-type benzodiazepine-quinazolinone library containing 144 analogues. Amide coupling of fluorous trimethoxybenzyl (TMB)-protected amino esters with anthranilic acids followed by base-promoted cyclizations afforded 4-benzodiazepine-2,5-diones. Further(More)
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