Tadaki Higuchi

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Games which persist across cultures and eras are not static institutions; they evolve when they do not go extinct. Changes of rules, styles and strategies contribute to the evolution of games. Western chess and football continue to grow in popularity after more than a century of codification and periodic changes. We apply the game refinement measure to(More)
Utilization of helicopter in urban area is increasing because of its special flight performance. Collision avoidance guidance will play an important role in the future guidance of helicopters. All information of other aircraft is not always available for collision avoidance due to climate conditions or communication problems. Helicopter has to avoid other(More)
This paper introduces a noncontact impact relieving device of a falling object by electromagnetic impulsive force. The device consists of a conductive plate, a coil and a drive circuit which contains high voltage power supply, capacitor and electrical switches. By discharging capacitor charge into the coil, eddy current is induced to the conductive plate(More)
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