Tadakazu Sawada

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The energy supply for eukaryotic ciliary and flagellar movement is thought to be maintained by ATP-regenerating enzymes such as adenylate kinase, creatine kinase and arginine kinase. In this study, the energy-supplying system for the ciliary movement of Paramecium caudatum was examined. Arginine kinase and adenylate kinase activities were detected in the(More)
A series of multivalent sialoglyco-conjugated nanoparticles were efficiently synthesized by using highly-branched α-glucuronic acid-linked cyclic dextrins (GlcA-HBCD) as a backbone. The sialoglycoside-moieties, with varying degrees of substitution, could be incorporated onto the preformed nanoparticles. These synthesized particles, which are highly soluble(More)
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