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Asymptotic expressions for the reflected, transmitted, and internal scattered radiation field in optically thick, vertically homogeneous, plane-parallel media are derived from first principles by using the discrete ordinates method of radiative transfer. Compact matrix equations are derived for computing the escape function, diffusion pattern, diffusion(More)
Vacuum Rabi splitting is demonstrated in a GaAs double quantum dot system coupled with a coplanar waveguide resonator. The coupling strength g, the decoherence rate of the quantum dot γ, and the decay rate of the resonator κ are derived, assuring distinct vacuum Rabi oscillation in a strong coupling regime [(g,γ,κ)≈(30,25,8.0) MHz]. The magnitude of(More)
We study the two-dimensional Eguchi-Kawai model as a toy model of the IIB matrix model, which has been recently proposed as a nonperturbative definition of the type IIB superstring theory. While the planar limit of the model is known to reproduce the two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory, we find through Monte Carlo simulation that the model allows a different(More)
We derive the glueball masses in noncommutative super Yang–Mills theories in four dimensions via the dual supergravity description. The spectrum of glueball masses is discrete due to the noncommutativity and the glueball masses are proportional to the noncommutativity parameter with dimension of length. The mass spectrum in the WKB approximation closely(More)
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