Tadahiro Yoshida

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This paper proposes a new arrangement and new control strategies for a hybrid multilevel converter, aiming at a high-power high-efficiency converter system being free from harmonic distortion. The strategies enable one to expand the adjustable output voltage range up to 100% by keeping a very low harmonic distortion of the output voltage. The(More)
This paper describes a VLSI superscalar processor architecture which can sustain very high performance in numerical applications. The architecture performs instruction-level scheduling statically by the compiler, and performs out-of-order issuing and executing of instructions to decrease the stall on the pipelines that dynamically occurs in execution. IO(More)
A new hybrid multilevel multi-converter system combining three single-phase GTO converters with a three-phase NPC IGBT converter is proposed. The GTO converters can adjust the output voltage, though they operate in square-wave switching to minimize the switching-related device losses. The IGBT converter not only cancels the harmonic voltages generated by(More)
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