Tadahiro Kawasaki

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A wave field restoration method in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was mathematically derived based on a three-dimensional (3D) image formation theory. Wave field restoration using this method together with spherical aberration correction was experimentally confirmed in through-focus images of amorphous tungsten thin film, and the resolution of the(More)
A phase reconstruction method based on multiple scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) images was evaluated quantitatively using image simulations. The simulation results indicated that the phase shift caused by a single atom was proportional to the 0.6th power of the atomic number Z. For a thin SrTiO3 [001] crystal, the reconstructed phase at(More)
We have developed an improved, windowed type environmental-cell (E-cell) transmission electron microscope (TEM) for in situ observation of gas-solid interactions, such as catalytic reactions at atmospheric pressure. Our E-cell TEM includes a compact E-cell specimen holder with mechanical stability, resulting in smoother introduction of the desired gases(More)
Atomic structures of an Au (110) 2 x 1 reconstructed surface were analysed quantitatively using an exit wave reconstructed by the three-dimensional Fourier filtering method in high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. To reconstruct the exit wave in a relatively thick crystal, a practical criterion was proposed in the present analysis. In the(More)
Gold exhibits catalytic activity when it is in the form of fine particles having a size of less than 10 nm and is tightly supported on specific metal oxides such as TiO2, etc [1]. To reveal its mechanism, dynamic observation of the sample structures during the reaction by the transmission electron microscope (TEM) is quite essential. “Environmental-cell(More)
A novel technique for reconstructing the phase shifts of electron waves was applied to Cs-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM). To realize this method, a new STEM system equipped with an annular aperture, annularly arrayed detectors and an arrayed image processor has been developed and evaluated in experiments. We show a reconstructed(More)