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A magnetically levitated bio-pump (Maglev BP) has been developed. A cone-shaped impeller is suspended by a two-degree-of-freedom controlled radial magnetic bearing. Non-contact support of the impeller, using the magnetic bearing, realized higher durability compared with the bio-pump BPX-80, which is the most widely used disposable centrifugal blood pump.(More)
INTRODUCTION Because they have higher isolation and lower insertion loss compared to semiconductor switches, the last decade has seen the development of several types of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) switch. Many of these are electrostatically actuated and so need high drive voltages, limiting the initial gap between the contact points to a few(More)
This paper describes a five degrees of freedom (5-DOF) controlled, wide-bandwidth, high-precision maglev local actuator to maintain a suitable distance between an electrode and the workpiece for micro electrical discharge machining (EDM). The actuator is sufficiently compact to be attached to conventional electrical discharge machines. The maglev actuator(More)
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