Tadachika Ozono

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We are trying to apply a combinatorial auction protocol to a coalition formation among agents to solve a scheduling problem that considers various constraints as a complex problem. Constraints on scheduling can be expressed as combinations of items (time slots). We formalize a combinatorial auction for scheduling as an MIP (Mixed Integer Programming)(More)
In this paper, we propose a web browsing support system, called WPM, which provides marking and anchoring functions on ordinary web browsers. WPM users can mark words and phrases on web pages by using their browsers without any extra plug-ins like similar systems, and can anchor words to refer them later. WPM makes it possible to carry out marking to the(More)
We propose a method of classifying XML documents and extracting XML schema from XML by inductive inference based on constraint logic programming. The goal of this work is to type a large collection of XML approximately but efficiently. This can also process XML code written in a different schema or even code which is schema-less. Our approach is intended to(More)