Tadaaki Watanabe

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  • T Watanabe
  • 1988
The effects of irrelevant differences as a function of the relations between relevant and irrelevant dimensions in the same-different task were examined. Form, size, and orientation were used as task conditions in Experiment 1, and form, size, and color were used in Experiment 2. In each experiment, 6 subjects were instructed to report same or different(More)
Bovine leukemia virus (BLV) is the causative agent of enzootic bovine leucosis (EBL), to which animals are most susceptible at 4–8 years of age. In this study, we examined tumor cells associated with EBL in an 18-year-old cow to reveal that the cells carried at least two different copies of the virus, one of which was predicted to encode a reverse(More)
Residual 152Eu activities induced by neutrons from the Nagasaki atomic bomb were measured for nine mineral samples located up to 1,061 m in the slant range and one control sample at 2,850 m from the hypocenter. A chemical separation to prepare europium-enriched samples was performed for all samples, and gamma ray measurements were carried out with a low(More)
Residual 60Co activity in five steel samples induced by neutrons from the Nagasaki atomic bomb has been measured within about 1000 m from the hypocenter. The chemical separation of cobalt and nickel from steel samples was performed, and cobalt-enriched samples were prepared for all samples. Gamma-ray measurements were carried out with a low-background(More)
CFO is an inbred strain of mice showing a high litter size. The high fertility of CFO is due mainly to a very low embryonic death rate during uterine development. C57BL and 129 strains are characterized by regular litter size. Crosses were made and CFO----C57BL and CFO----129 chimeras were produced. In CFO----C57BL mice, coat color of the C57BL predominated(More)
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