Tadaaki Takeda

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When both color and motion direction of visual stimuli are alternated in physical synchrony at a relatively higher frequency (approximately 2 Hz), the changes in motion direction are perceived to be delayed. On the other hand, color and motion direction changes are perceived to be in phase when the motion direction changes precede the color changes by about(More)
Recently, we reported a novel ultrasound technique to assess the biomechanical properties of the oesophagus in humans. To investigate whether the oesophageal sensation induced by oesophageal distension correlates with wall tension, wall stress or wall strain, we studied 20 healthy subjects using a manometry catheter equipped with a high-compliance bag and a(More)
Previous psychophysical studies have reported a few hundred millisecond difference in the reaction time (RT) to luminance versus color motion in low speed condition. Electroencephalogram (EEG) studies have reported a small difference between initial responses to luminance and color motion, but a big difference comparable to that reported in psychophysical(More)
This study compared the ethanol productivity of different yeast strains using three different seaweed species as fermentation feedstocks. Each seaweed was saccharified by treatment with 3 % (v/v) sulfuric acid and cellulase. Ulva spp., Gracilaria spp. and Costaria costata yielded 0.22, 0.16, and 0.10 g of reducing sugars per 1 g of dried seaweed powder,(More)
Relaxation and opening of the oesophago-gastric junction (OGJ) is crucial for oesophageal transport. A novel ultrasound technique was used to determine OGJ opening, before and after atropine, in 12 normals. An ultrasound probe, a solid-state pressure transducer and an infusion tube were placed inside a 20-mm diameter bag, which was placed across the OGJ. At(More)
Multifocal visual evoked magnetic field (mfVEF) is useful for shortening the measurement time and/or improving the signal-to-noise ratio of recording, in investigating cortical activities elicited by multiple stimulus patches across the visual field. To record the whole-head mfVEF, we previously developed custom software to deliver multifocal stimuli and to(More)
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