Tada-Aki Kawae

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Order or disorder often exists in a uniform spin system consisting of one kind of magnetic ion. Nevertheless, they rarely coexist in normal conditions. Our thermodynamic and microscopic magnetic studies of Co2(OH)3Cl, a distorted tetrahedral lattice compound with uniform Co2+ spin, demonstrate that the spins located on one corner of the tetrahedron are(More)
OBJECTIVE Repeated blood pressure measurement with a sphygmomanometer often produces skin redness and subcutaneous bleeding in clinical settings. Recently, we have produced a new reusable skin-protective cuff with an additional sheet. METHODS We evaluated skin damage and blood pressure measurement accuracy when using the new cuffs. We also evaluated upper(More)
We have studied non-Fermi-liquid (NFL) behavior in Pr(x)La(1-x)Pb3 with Gamma3 quadrupolar moments in the crystalline-electric-field ground state. The specific heat C/T shows NFL behavior in the very dilute region for x <or= 0.05, which is scaled by a characteristic temperature T* in each Pr concentration. The application of a magnetic field leads to a(More)
We have measured the specific heat of an S = 1/2 antiferromagnetic alternating Heisenberg chain pentafulorophenyl nitronyl nitroxide in magnetic fields up to H > H(C2). This compound has a field-induced magnetic ordered (FIMO) phase between H(C1) and H(C2). Characteristic behaviors are observed depending on the magnetic field up to above H(C2) outside of(More)
We report the performance of Ag-Pd-Cu alloy as the material of a pressure cell to carry out specific heat measurements at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. The Ag-Pd-Cu alloy is advantageous to reduce the background due to the nuclear specific heat in the pressure cell growing at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. We prepared 70-20-10 alloy(More)
Muon spin rotation experiments are carried out on clinoatacamite, Cu2Cl(OH)3, which is a new geometrically frustrated system featuring a three-dimensional network of corner-sharing tetrahedral 3d Cu2+ spins. A long-range antiferromagnetic order occurs below 18.1 K with a surprisingly small entropy release of about 0.05Rln2/Cu. Below 6.5 K, the static(More)
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