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Topical bevacizumab is a potential treatment modality for corneal neovascularization, and several recent studies have demonstrated its efficacy. No previous study of the pharmacokinetics of topical bevacizumab has been performed in human eyes. The purpose of this study is to investigate the pharmacokinetics of topical administration of bevacizumab in human(More)
We present the integration of epitaxial graphene with thin film dielectric materials for the purpose of graphene transistor development. The impact on epitaxial graphene structural and electronic properties following deposition of Al(2)O(3), HfO(2), TiO(2), and Ta(2)O(5) varies based on the choice of dielectric and deposition parameters. Each dielectric(More)
A subset of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nvAMD) subjects appears to be refractory to the effects of anti-VEGF treatment and require frequent intravitreal injections. Prokineticin-2 (Bv8) expression in CD11b(+) cells has been linked to anti-VEGF response. We have developed a reproducible method to quantify gene expression in circulating(More)
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