Taciana M. F. Silva

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Clinical, epidemiological, and pathological aspects of trypanosomiasis caused by Trypanosoma vivax in calves were reported for the first time in northeast Brazil. Clinical and epidemiological data, packed cell volumes (PCV), and parasitemia were assessed in 150 calves in May 2009 (rainy season—survey 1) and in 153 calves in November 2009 (dry season—survey(More)
The present study was aimed at investigating the effect of experimental infection by Trypanosoma vivax in different stages of pregnancy, determining the pathogenesis of reproductive failure, and confirming transplacental transmission. We used 12 pregnant ewes distributed into four experimental groups: G1, was formed by three ewes infected with T. vivax in(More)
Infection by Trypanosoma vivax and other African trypanosomes plays an important role in reproductive disorders in male and female livestock. Outbreaks of T. vivax in the semi-arid region of northeastern Brazil are characterized by wasting disease in cattle, sheep and goats with hematological, cardiac and nervous compromises in addition to reproductive(More)
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